Civil Pro version released

Civil pro version has been released to all users.  Please note, that any databases updated to version 9 are permanent and cannot be reverted. V66 is not currently installed as part of the auto-update, it will be added to autoupdate in about a week. If you want a copy before that, please email us directly.

For more information on global roles, the help has been updated here ;

Changelog from previous version

New features

  • Introduced global roles allowing a user to be granted a certain role across all projects in a database
  • Extended the performance folio so it now exports LotDocs and TestDocs into lot summaries
  • Added ability to create purchase order from part or all of the schedule


  • Added safeguards to prevent ProjectAdmins adding roles with higher permissions
  • Changed labelling of reports to ensure consistency between menu options and report titles
  • Dialog to provide prefab reasons for approval text when manually approving NCR
  • Checklist approval editable and printed on e-checklist
  • Checklist approval editing changed to project admin
  • Default for lot checklist layout changed to checkboxes
  • Purchase order columns now nullable
  • Photos now refresh after import
  • Changed CE default behaviour – removed flush interval
  • Better error message when database version > datastore version
  • Changed error message text in default message handler
  • Base 1 numbering in tests
  • Make schedule numbers visible in qty register
  • Extend time bomb to 2019
  • Removed requirement for cost code on copy/paste
  • Ensured TestQty and TestNum dont persist (probably not necessary)
  • Changed Claim report DS calcs to ID to refresh on print
  • Removed tracking columns from User, Contact and Role grids
  • Added lot conformance permission plumbing
  • Added supplier link delete, and improved supplier delete behaviour
  • Modification for setXPCollectionTypeForReload to accept null parameter
  • Production now updates on daycost delete
  • Removed code that resulted in duplicate creation of tracking columns in invoices and other places


  • BUGFIX: editability of Test Results
  • BUGFIX: popProjects null ref on close
  • BUGFIX: update of forms on data change CPBaseForm
  • BUGFIX: performance on some long running methods by moving to threadsafedatalayer in XPO
  • BUGFIX: logwriter
  • BUGFIX: Null check when changing daycost assign
  • BUGFIX: Null check on project administration data validated
  • BUGFIX: Claim summary report
  • BUGFIX: Checklist with no revision date cuases exception when added to lot
  • BUGFIX: null reference on related items double click in lot register
  • BUGFIX: Purchase orders were saved without prompt when closed if detail pane was entered
  • BUGFIX: Added protection for no worktype in popITP
  • BUGFIX: Fixed save of related tree state
  • BUGFIX: GST Rate on PO Import
  • BUGFIX: Add custom error provider
  • BUGFIX: NotInList – prevent backgrounding messageboxes
  • BUGFIX: email ‘sending from’ issues
  • BUGFIX: ditto function on new row in ITP
  • BUGFIX: not-in-list for new supplier (removed disable of non-popup forms)
  • BUGFIX: production chart
  • BUGFIX: recalc function