Civil Pro version released

Civil pro version has been released to all users.  Please note, that any databases updated to version 9 are permanent and cannot be reverted. V74 is not currently installed as part of the auto-update, it will be added to autoupdate in about a week. If you want a copy before that, please email us directly.

Changelog from previous version

New features

  • Application is now DPI Aware, which means it should look more crisp on high res displays.
  • Daycosts can now be automatically updated for all resources using functions in the resource register context menu
  • Import/Export purchase orders (cpx)
  • New purchase order register reports
  • New function to receipt remainder or PO directly from register
  • New automatic costcode for variation function
  • New select multiple assign context item function in ITP – allow multiple ‘Check Req’, ‘Ver Req’ and ‘Appr Reqd’ asignment
  • New import/export variation estimate function


  • Forms now hold focus better when activated
  • Daycost import now accepts docket number and autoassigns headings
  • Project transfer now includes Purchase order receipts and includes only used suppliers
  • Daycost ShowAll function now shows all productions
  • Schedule popups now exclude inactive items
  • Adding cost code /sched link by double click now adds qty remaining
  • Adding cc/sched link by drag/drop refreshes before calculating remaining qty
  • Treelist auto expands after drop on node
  • Unlink function in checklist now updates automatically when complete.


  • BUGFIX: Value to complete amount in claim summary incl. completion report
  • BUGFIX: isCE causing exceptions with delete FK for MSSQLCE databases
  • BUGFIX: exception when manipulating daycosts after showall
  • BUGFIX: null check on CSV export
  • BUGFIX: Schedule cpx import /export – correct parentID assignment with zero base
  • BUGFIX: context menu on empty vrn reg
  • BUGFIX: notinlist for purchase orders didnt work because list was restricted to users.
  • BUGFIX: checklist column names not updated to reflect custom column names in settings
  • BUGFIX: Lot Qty report ignored split date when printed from claim register (OK from claim detail)