Civil Pro version released

Civil pro version has been released to all users.   V85 is not currently installed as part of the auto-update, it will be added to autoupdate in about a week. If you want a copy before that, please email us directly.

Changelog from previous version

New features

  • Dashboards – summary status graphs for lots, NCRs and test requests showing total status, status by user, status at end of each month to date and monthly activity.
  • Dashboard reports – reports for the dashboard screen


  • Added newITP function to ITP
  • Added approval reports to folio
  • Added approvals and manual approvals to checklists
  • New forecast report
  • Added earned revenue report
  • Added approval register report
  • Rename forecast budget variance report
  • Capability to require ITPs to be approved prior to adding to lots
  • Fixed approval request HTML formatting and aligned with mobile templating
  • Test result register – tests can now be marked complete, not just an automatic field requiring individual tests to be marked
  • Test results register now synchs with test requests
  • Tidied up deleting of checklists and lots when approvals and manual approvals are involved.
  • Added a function to ensure that any manually approved checklist items have an approveddate
  • Changed default labelling of exported reports for attachments
  • Double click on approval and related lot item now redirects to the clicked record
  • Added receipt selected for PO
  • Checklist now updates automatically after link to approval view and then code entry
  • Treelist now expands after double click and drag/drop
  • Test if CCs before issuing call to send
  • Forecasts now respect forecast method when forecast estimate present
  • Test Request with compliance – now shows compliance for individual tests


  • BUGFIX: Fixed Lot=>Pdf for lot docs
  • BUGFIX:  Editvaluechanged trigger meant contact could not be changed for purchase order with a supplier value
  • BUGFIX:  invoice import for simple imports directly into a report period.
  • BUGFIX – Coalesce added for receiptall purchase order
  • BUGFIX: DJC columns in schedule now respect heading in customformatter
  • BUGFIX: RequestLink in approval request now properly coded for userid and roleid
  • BUGFIX: Fixed numbering for heading lines in checklist template and lotITP Reports
  • BUGFIX: ProgressClaim at completion values for sell and DJC (wrong way around)
  • BUGFIX: recalc function in production
  • BUGFIX: Fixed lot import
  • BUGFIX: Fixes to photocontroller code
  • BUGFIX: Fixed editability glitch on ITPs when first ITP is approved
  • BUGFIX: Fixed ordering on copy/paste ITP detail
  • BUGFIX: Fix on length of lot doc file name.
  • BUGFIX: Added code to detect termserv environment and paint differently -to fix menu issue
  • BUGFIX: Added override to grid background painter to support text background