Civil Pro Desktop

Civil Pro is the industry standard product for lot based quality assurance. Our software has been a mainstay of the Australian construction for over a decade, supporting major infrastructure and small projects alike. It is used by Queensland Transport and Main Roads, national contractors, large and small councils, mid-tier and small contractors, and professionals in the quality assurance industry across Australia.

We provide desktop and mobile solutions to maximise client/contractor integration and minimise administration. Manage large (or small) registers easily in our intuitive and user friendly desktop apps, then access and extend this same information in the field with checklist generation and verification, lot creation and test request generation. Interact with your client with the online hold point approval system.

Using Civil Pro simplifies the task of compliance with contract specifications, especially where payment is validated by lot quantity records. Our comprehensive system generates and tracks:

We also have a cost tracking and forecasting module available for existing clients.

Civil Pro is currently available as a Microsoft Windows application which runs either in an SQL Server shared database, or standalone configuration. Our mobile applications are available on all platforms.