Lot Register

Civil Pro is a Lot-based quality assurance system. A lot is simply an industry term for a defined unit of work – for example:

  • Excavation cut 1 – from 1.76km to 1.9km
  • Concrete pour Sandy Creek Bridge Parapet
  • Subgrade Treatment Chainage 50-250

Every Lot in Civil Pro can be as simple or complex as the user requires. Create an administrative Lot relating to the general project which simply record a description, status and key dates. Alternatively add details of geometry using chainage/offset notation, or more complex coordinate geometry; link to other records, add scans or other linked documents.

Save Time

The Lot Register and indeed the entire Civil Pro system has time saving and ease of use built in. Raising a Lot is simple with our New Lot Wizard, create a Lot similar to an existing Lot with just a few clicks. Conform or Guarantee one or multiple lots at a time using the Context Menu and selecting the date from the date selector. Easily see the relevant data using one of our pre-defined views for work in progress, key dates or Conformance – or create and save your own.

Powerful Data Presentation and Manipulation

Any property of the Lot can be viewed in the Register Grid. Go further and add columns indicating if individual records have NCRs, Quantities, e-Docs – even view the Lot Value. Civil Pro’s grids can of course be sorted, filtered or grouped and include full search functionality. Shortcut menus offer different preset views including Work in Progress; Key Dates; Guaranteed/Conformed Lots and Lot Value. You can even colour code your Lots according to status.

Related Items

The Lot Register is central to the Civil Pro system, and everything is linked to it, either directly or indirectly. Every link is bi-directional – if a Lot is linked to an NCR, then you can navigate to the NCR and see the Lot is also a related item of the NCR. From the Lot Register easily view or manage these related items including:

  • Quantities
  • Checklists
  • Authorities to Proceed
  • Non Conformances
  • Test Requests
  • Variations
  • Photos
  • Scanned or Other Electronic Documents
  • Related Lots


Generate Summary Reports  including Conformance or Guaranteed Lot Declarations, Lot Status or any data displayed in your grid. Generate detailed reports for one or more entries in the Register including Quantity Agreement, Measure Up or Lot Conformance.