Progress Claims

If the project does not require Progress Claims to be backed by lot QA records, you can simply enter the Quantities for each contract item into Civil Pro’s progress claim and submit your Progress Claims that way.

Where full traceability of Claim Quantities back to their components is required, such as in the Queensland Transport and Main Roads Specification, the progress claim must be able to link the Claim Quantity back to the Quantity of each Schedule item in each Lot. Further, each Lot Quantity should be added with consideration of its status – Open, Guaranteed or Conformed. Civil Pro implements this rigorous traceability allowing a fully qualified Progress Claim to be prepared.

When using Lot backed Quantities, Quantities can be included or excluded on the basis of status. For example, you may only be able to claim Conformed and Quaranteed Lots under the contract, in which case, Open Lots are easily excluded. If you can claim for Work in Progress, the claim can be configured to include Open Lot Quantities. For Open Lots, Civil Pro applies the percentage complete defined in the Lot Register to generate the final Effective Quantity. For example, consider the claim at the bottom of the above screenshot (click the image to enlarge) – the claim for item A3201.01 is 4,943.25m3. Looking at the Lot shows that at the status date, it was an open lot at 75% complete with a total quantity of 6,591m3.

As described in the section on Effective Quantities, adjustments are also made to account for non-claimable items and reduced level of service if required.

The Progress Claim Register records claims by taking a snapshot of the Lot system at a specific point in time. Each snapshot is associated with the claim and provides the supporting information detailing the Lots and their Quantities.