Test Requests

Meeting any quality specification requires testing of the product, whether that be through soil compaction testing, concrete cylinder compression tests, surface rideability, or any of the hundreds of other tests in modern infrastructure projects. Coordinating the testing authority and the relationships between lots, tests and results quickly becomes complicated, even on small jobs.

Civil Pro’s test requests allow users to generate a request form quickly using the New Test Request Wizard. The Wizard includes a reference to the Lot being tested, from which it pre-fills information about the testing location. The required tests are then selected from Civil Pro’s Test Method register.

Adding Tests

When your tests are added, you can specify how the tests are to be positioned as Tester Locates, Location Specified or Random Stratified Sampling. If you specify the latter, Civil Pro will calculate random test positions based on the Random Stratified Sampling methodology from MRTS01. When you have multiple tests, Civil Pro even minimises the number of sampling locations to reflect testing practices in the field.

Test Properties

Some tests require additional information to that included in the test request. For example, under the Qld Transport and Main Roads Specification, any concrete test must include data such as the target strength and slump, name of the structure, concrete supplier etc. Civil Pro allows such data to be easily added to tests through pre-defined Test Property Groups. Simply set up your groups, and then when you need to specify them for a test, it is as simple as selecting them from the list – and all of the additional fields will be added – complete with default values if supplied.

Test Results

Users can optionally record results for each individual test in the Test Request register. Alternatively, individual Test Reports can be scanned in and recorded against each Test Request. Where individual test results are recorded, Civil Pro can calculate key reporting metrics often required in Specifications including Characteristic Value across Lots. Civil Pro also has specific analyses for the calculation of Concrete Property Tests as required by the Qld Transport and Main Roads Specification.