Civil Pro Roadmap

[Last statused December 2017]

Civil Pro is constantly undergoing development to improve our clients’ productivity and introduce new and better ways to do old things. Recently completed major milestones which were previously part of this roadmap include;

  • Civil Pro Mobile (August 2016)
  • Civil Pro Mobile documentation (November 2016)
  • Civil Pro v9 documentation (March 2017)
  • Civil Pro version 9 release candidate (April 2017)
  • Civil Pro forecast modules (April 2017)
  • Civil Pro new variation modules (April 2017)
  • Civil Pro cloud hosting for database, filestore and mobile (June 2017)
  • Civil Pro mobile photos (November 2017)
  • Civil Pro youtube site with tutorial videos (November 2017)
  • Civil Pro dashboards (December 2017)

We welcome any input our clients have into the proposed development, and the potential impact on their operations.

Please note that some of the mobile features have been slightly delayed with the significant focus on the release of version 9, but we are endeavouring to get everything done in addition to that and there are some BIG hours being contributed by the team!

March 2018

Extend Civil Pro Mobile to include;

  1. Authority to Proceed and Approval (delayed from October 2016)
  2. Lot Conformance and Guarantee (delayed from May 2017)
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Daily site diary

Extend Civil Pro Desktop to include;

  1. Daily site diary
  2. Correspondence module
  3. Contract notices e.g. RFI, Notice of Variation etc.

2018/19 – Civil Pro NextGen

The target end point for our mobile and/or hosted services where quality assurance is a true integration of the client, the contractor and subcontractors working in the one system. Contractors have access to all of the information they traditionally record with Civil Pro – but with the productivity advantages associated with the client’s ability to directly interface for any necessary interaction. Subcontractors access the same system with their records reviewed and approved by the head contractor.

All with appropriate security so everyone is interacting with the data without concerns that commercially sensitive information is transferred between parties.