Project settings

The project settings define several parameters which are used by your project. Some of these settings can also be set at the system level using System Settings. If you set project settings and system settings, then the project settings will override the system settings. Project settings include;

  • the File Repository – this is the default location for file storage (for e.g. Lot Documents and photos) for your current project. This overrides the equivalent system setting.
  • the Project Logo – this is the default logo used for the current project. This overrides the equivalent system setting.
  • QA Control settings – there is no equivalent system control settings. These control things like customization of lot numbers and certain default behaviours
  • Cost Control settings – settings for the cost management system, mainly purchase orders. These settings override the equivalent system setting.

The project settings are accessed from the Program Menu under System=>Settings=>Project Settings. This function requires Project Administrator permissions.

If you set the file repository or project logo in the project settings, this is the location that all files such as lot documents and photos will be stored for all projects. This overrides any system settings.

  • To set the file repository, either enter the path directly into the text box, or use the folder selector by clicking on the ellipsis at the right of the text box.
  • To set the logo, click on the ‘Get Logo’ button to the right of the image preview box (where the blue sky logo is in the screenshot). Select your file.
  • To clear the logo, click on the Clear Logo button.

QA Control

Enable primary tags

Primary tags can be used to tag a lot when it is created, just like a work type or area code. And just like a work type/area code, there is one primary tag per lot, and it can be used to form part of the lot number. Refer to the help topic for tags.

Prevent project users editing ITPs

If set to true, users who do not have project admin level permissions cannot edit ITPs

Disable prompt when ITP changed

By default, Civil Pro has a prompt if an ITP is changed and the version number not updated. This disables the nag.

Auto guarantee days

This constant prompts the user to automatically unguarantee lots older than a set number of days. Set this constant to an integer (i.e. 28) representing the number of days after which lots will be unguaranteed. If this setting exists, then the user will be automatically prompted to unguarantee during the progress claim build.

Custom lot number

Changes the way lot numbers are automatically generated (refer to the help topic on custom lot numbers for more details)

Text for lot conformance sign off

Changes the text in the lot conformance report sign off from the default

NCR Root Cause

By adding a list of comma separated values, the default list of NCR root causes can be overridden. The default list would be specified by setting a value of Not Specified, Personnel or Training, Materials, Methods or Process, Machinery or Plant, Environmental or Conditions

QVC Checked By, Verified By and Approved by text

Changes the text in the column headings on checklists.

Cost control

The cost control system settings provide data to the cost management system, predominantly the purchase orders. For information on project settings for cost control, refer to the help topic on server settings. Any project settings will override their equivalent server settings.