Shortcuts and useful functions

This page is just a list of different shortcuts and functions to make the most of civil pro v9. If you haven’t seen this before – make sure you check it out. We can pretty much guarantee there will be something you didn’t know. Some of these are available in v8.

Clear a value out of an editor (set to null)

Use the Ctrl + Del key combination.

Print multiple records in a report – e.g. Conformance reports, ITPs, NCR etc.

Select multiple records in the register before selecting the report to print. Obviously, this is for individual record-type reports like NCRs and Test Reqs – not for register reports. This will print the each record one after the other in the same report.

Export multiple records to PDF

If you hold the Ctrl key when running a report, each one saved to its own PDF. For example, if you select two ITPs in the specification register, then select a Checklist report while holding the Ctrl key, you will be prompted for a folder location. Civil Pro will save two different PDFs – one for each ITP.

Delete a record

Select the record in the grid, and with editing enabled, press the delete key. In some registers such as the Progress Claim, Invoice and Daycost registers, a locked report period will prevent deletion even if editing is enabled. Toggle the first.

Delete a related item

Select the record in the related item list and click delete.

Update a lot quantity in the related items panel

Right click on the related item. An edit form will be displayed.

Paste text into rich text editors without their formatting

Use the paste special key combination Ctrl+ Alt + V

Copy grids without rich text

When copying information from Civil Pro grids which have rich text fields (for example ITP Details), a normal copy and paste will bring all the formatting with it. You can get a text only copy by selecting the rows you want and copying with Ctrl + Alt + C

Create a lot or daycost similar to an existing one

With the lot or daycost you want to copy selected, click on the Ctrl + “ key combination. You can also do this with a lot by holding the shift key when clicking on the new button.

There are also context menu functions for this.