Introduction to Civil Pro Mobile


Civil Pro Mobile is a browser/tablet/mobile web application for interacting with your Civil Pro data. It is not a replacement for the full featured Civil Pro application, which provides a lot of functionality that is too cumbersome to perform on normal mobile devices. The mobile platform provides access to those functions which commonly occur in the field.

In its initial release (April 2016) it supports;

  • Lot register
    • create, view or update lots
    • view associated information (e.g. checklists, test reqs)
  • Checklists
    • create, view or update checklists
    • send checklists as PDF (or download to device)
    • check and verify work electronically
    • online approval request / response system for 3rd party approvals
  • Test Requests
    • create, view or update test requests
    • send test reqs electronically as PDF (or download to device)
  • Approvals
    • monitor current approval requests (currently for checklists only)
    • client log in to respond to approval requests
    • unique secret code system for clients to approve without logging on


Civil Pro mobile is a complementary interface to the Civil Pro server system. It requires the desktop application to configure Civil Pro’s registers including functions like;

  • setting up the schedule
  • managing progress claims
  • importing / creating ITP templates


Civil Pro mobile only works with the client/server configuration. It cannot be used with standalone installs. This requires Microsoft SQL Server, or the freely available MS SQL Express.

Web hosting

Civil Pro mobile requires Microsoft Internet Information services to serve the site, and to manage the data used on the mobile devices.


Civil Pro requires a network connection and performs best with a 4G or 4GX connection, but works over a reliable NextG connection as well.


We can assist in setting up this configuration if required.


Civil Pro mobile uses pure javascript/html and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. It can be used on phone or tablets, but is currently optimized for smaller screens. Data is served from Civil Pro’s odata server which is a .NET application.