Updating Civil Pro

Civil Pro updates come in 2 flavours:

  1. Client Update
  2. Database Update

An update is a database update if the database version is different to your current database version.

What are my database and client version numbers

You can tell your database version from the Civil Pro Version Number. A Civil Pro Version Number has the following structure:

  • Version X.YY.ZZ – e.g. v8.10.62


  •  X = major version number – e.g. 8
  • YY = database version number – e.g. 10
  • ZZ = client verion number e.g. 62

Client Update

Updating Civil Pro’s client is easy:

  1. Download the latest version from the Civil Pro setup link (provided with your original purchase – or just email us if you need us to resend it).
  2. Uninstall your existing version.
  3. Backup your database – just in case.
  4. Unzip your download and run the installer.

You are finished.

Database Update

A database update is performed in exactly the same way as a client update, with the database being updated the first time you log in with the new version. Before we get to that though, there are some things you must understand about an update to the database.

  1. After a database is updated, it cannot be accessed by Civil Pro clients of a version with a different database version. If you use a standalone version, that means that users with a client of lower Civil Pro database version cannot access your database. If you use a server, it means every User who accesses that data must have a client with database version equal to the highest version accessing it.
  2. The only way to revert to a previous version is to restore a backup

To do a client and database update:

  1. Complete the above steps for the client update.
  2. Double check you have made a database backup – or in the case of a standalone file, made a copy.
  3. Open Civil Pro like usual and log in. You will be prompted to update.
  4. Click through the prompts and you are done.
  5. Update all clients using the database to the same version.