Revenue, budget and payments

This section describes the management of the revenue side of project financial control. Central to this is the Progress Claim Register which not only calculates the claimed and certified amounts for each reporting period, but with the same data provides budgets – including adjustments for over and under claims. When used in conjunction with the daycost and invoice registers, Civil Pro can provide real time project performance metrics including cashflow and profit/loss.

This section describes how to complete a progress claim and use this to calculate revenue and budget, and also how to track variations. If you have not yet set up the financials for your project and are not familiar with the associated help topics, please read the Financials setup help topics first.

The progress claim can also function as a bridge between your quality assurance records and your financial management if you choose to implement QA backed claims. When using QA backed claims, the quantity for each schedule item is calculated from aggregate of lot quantities across lots. In fact, this is a requirement of some government contracts such as those with Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) in Australia. Alternatively you can run the progress claims in complete isolation from the quality assurance data.

The revenue, budget and payments help topic describes the following: